Founded in 1994, SHIUH CHENG PRECISION GEAR CO., LTD, with a pragmatic business philosophy as the foundation and a solid R & D capability as the backing, specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-precision gears and gear increaser/reducer. SHIUH CHENG has won recognition by many well-known customers, such as domestically the largest rubber factory’s large gear boxes for stirred tanks, TRA and MRT’s large gears for carriages... and so on. SHIUH CHENG’s products are widely used in ships, railways, steel, cement, rubber, plastics, printing, packaging, machine tools, power generation (high-speed gear increaser) and other industries. This is because that they trust SHIUH CHENG’s non substitutable professional technology and excellent reputation in the field.

Why choose SHIUH CHENG :
1. The most professional technology:
Our founder, director, and quality control are all from Gear Factory of Formosa Heavy Industry, relevant work experience and qualifications are over 30 years; therefore, either experience or technology is surely second to none in the field. In addition, based on the concept of sustainable operation, SHIUH CHENG let master workmen pass down their professional technology to next generation through systemic education and training.
2. The most advanced equipment
High-quality precision gears mostly depend on grinding process. For this reason, SHIUH CHENG spared no expense to introduce the latest German "GLEASON PFAUTER 2400G", "HOFLER RAPID 800" and "HOFLER RAPID 2000" gear grinding equipment. Regarding gear grinding technology, German equipment is the most advanced, far ahead of other countries. In the future, SHIUH CHENG will continue to introduce the most advanced equipment to in order to reward the permanent support of customers by high-quality products.

Processing Ability:
Max. Module:50mm
External Gear Max. O.D:Ø2,400mm
Internal Gear Max. O.D:Ø2,000mm
Gear Reducer / Increaser:Customize
Quality Level:DIN Level 4 (JIS 0)

Corporate Mission
On the basis of sustainable operation and pursue of technological advancement, SHIUH CHENG keeps the world turning by providing high quality precision gears to various industries, contributing to the society wholeheartedly.