Creating world-class high-precision gears with specialized accuracy and speed

With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and stringent quality control systems from lathes, milling machines, grinders, heat treatment, to the final precision grinding, the specialized precision and speed of "SHIUH CHENG" means its gear products meet the world's top quality standard of high-precision.

SHIUH CHENG's world-class equipment is not only capable of producing tooth surface of ultra-precision, it also has specialized functions for manufacturing complex and diverse tooth profiles and amending a variety of tooth profiles. The available processing modules range from 2~50mm, with gear grinding accuracy can meet DIN 4 level. All precision gears produced by SHIUH CHENG carry three main features of "Made with advanced technology", "Quality first and efficiency", and "Durable and long-lasting", making them the best choice in gear products for companies, factories, and the machinery industry.


  1. 1. Manufacturing of high precision gears
  2. 2. Gear box design and manufacturing